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Convince Your Heart
Our latest song, "Convince Your Heart" has reached #1 at Soundclick.com's Rock Unplugged charts in just 2 days! Thanks to all who listened! Consoling a friend after her break-up. You are in love with her but she doesn't notice, yet.

Light Rock
h h

Save Me (Ballad Version)
A ballad cover version of a song by The Dyall-Tones. I actually had offered this song to Francesca Tamellini to record, but she was tied up with other projects, so I decided to release it myself. Hopefully a better singer like her or someone else can cover this song.

Easy Listening/Soft Rock
h h

Corazon (Sweet Latina Girl)
A Carlos Santana-style Latin-infused Rock song about wanting to be together with a certain Latina girl.

Latin Rock
h h

S E X (S.E.X. - featuring Lesley Jane)
S-E-X, An upbeat INXS-inspired song of a man wanting to spend quality time with his woman, with just one thing in mind.

Indie Pop Rock
h h

Song about wanting to be with a woman who's probably out of your league.

Melodic Pop
h h

Don't Let Go
Lyrics describes it pretty well :-)

Alternative Modern Rock
h h

Blood Rushing
A song from back in my Band days that I recorded as one of my Solo efforts (as TJDP). Lyrics are open to your interpretation. Different people get different meanings from it, would be interested in knowing what YOU get from it! Recorded in 2 different studios, first at Mariah Sound Studios with Rod Parker where he and I laid down basic tracks, then at Artist Relief Studios with Lesley Jane where he added additional guitars and my vocals. Years later I dubbed in another vocal track and here i

Goth Rock
h h

Keep Fooling Myself
Finally giving up on getting back with a recent Ex.

h h

Loaded Gun (She's Dangerous)
A rare hard rock song from us. Though I wish a singer such as AC/DC's Brian Johnson or other similar strong vocalist would had sung this. Well, at least I tried my best with this one!

Hard Rock
h h

The Earth is slowly dying Mankind is to blame The Phoenix will rise soon someday..... A departure from my usual fare, this song is darker than what I mostly write. I was told it's sound a bit Apocalyptic. Yea, well, that's the message, lol

Melodic alternative metal
h h

I Don't Belong Here
When you've had enough being in a bad relationship and finally decide to leave....

Dreamy Pop
h h

Susana Of The Blue Rose
A song dedicated to a dear close friend whose life was taken by a coward on April 20th, 2009 Released on her birthday on 2010 and again 2017

Acoustic Rock
h h

"Heart For Sale"
Song about giving my heart another chance at Love! There was a debate whether to release as a TJDP or Dyall-Tones song, it's somewhere in the middle style-wise. TJDP won! LOL

Alternative Pop Rock
h h

Cold Black Heart (Alone She Cries)
A song about a wife and mother living with an abusive husband as told by a concerned neighbor who hears her cries at night.

h h

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7/17/2017 2:38:38 AM
Thanks so much man. I really appreciate the listens and the kind comments from you. I have great respect for your work also. Much Respect and Thanks!




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