Songs from way back when and tributes to artists who have meant at lot to me over my life.

Brenda Lee introduced me to music, I remember playing her songs over and over alone in my room, "All alone am I" and "I'm sorry" helped me make it through the night... and probably through puberty ! I thought I had discovered her as no-one else seemed to listen to songs like that.

I may have the chronology wrong but I remember enjoying Petula Clark, Helen Shapiro, Dusty Springfield, Neil Sedaka, Cliff Richard, Cilla Black, Helen Reddy, Dionne Warwick, Andy Williams, Barbra Steisand, Followed by The Supremes and a whole bunch of Motown artists.

In England we were blessed with all the Northern and London Rock and Brit Pop bands but I still enjoyed The Beach Boys, Gene Pitney, The Everley Brothers, Bread and Paul Simon from the US and European bands like The Hollies, The Kinks, ELO, ABBA Dire Straits, The Police and even songs from Musicals when people were playing Punk and Rap and one Pop song was hardly distinguishable from another.

I feel that the songs I've been writing and producing for the last 14 years have been influenced by everything I've ever listened to and 'taken in'

When Dusty Sang
Dusty Springfield tribute - old song, new lyrics

Retro Pop
h h

Oh Brenda (tribute medley)
A string of Brenda Lee songs covered, re-written or re-arranged

Retro Pop
h h

Karen and me
Piano intro with spoken part followed by original song built over a Carpenters song

h h

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Really ! No takers and not even a complete play or a listen up to the best parts ? I guess I'm just singing to myself these days. And to think of all the full songs I listen to here
Honestly I realise these are karaoke style songs but I spend ages writing new lyrics, adding harmonies and extra instrumentation, I add lots of emotion and nostalgia. I wish I could make more people happy somehow
Maybe I am older than most people at IMP and my style of song is not what 'Rockers' or true musicians would identify with. Perhaps I am too British and too Mumsy !
Seriously I should have learnt that once you decide to remove or replace songs on this site people start to see you as a risk. Being critical of yourself and wanting to create too many different identities is not regarded as the done thing
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