The Mesmerizer is our latest video to a song written during time spent at

Below you will find just a small selection from a vast catalog of 'singer/songwriter' songs going back nearly 20 years.

No genre is safe with Verity and Jilly around. Songs to make you think, make you laugh and cry and make you listen... and listen again... hopefully

You just kissed your future "Bye bye"
Piano backed melodic vocal with backing singers

Retro Pop
h h

Something good to eat
Slow beats, a little jazzy, a little Pop, cynical lyrics

Down Tempo Electronic
h h

The straw that broke the camel's back
Although the bass line is trip-hop beats, there is a smooth, jazzy melody that floats above and tells the story

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Don't Leave Me In The Dark
Slow intro launches into slow rock rhythm with gentle build to soft outro, vocals and harmonies

Easy Listening/Soft Rock
h h

Lock-down in my head
A song split between piano Rock and Hard Rock

Dark Rock
h h

Ever After Love
Latin beat Pop

h h

Wise Words
A vocal centered ballad with orchestral backing

h h

So Dodgy!
Fast moving novelty song

Latin Rock
h h

On Valentine's Day
Spanish Pop/dance beat with strong vocal melody

World Beat
h h

Speaking for Sophia
Undulating melody with BVs - medium beat with 'Gothic Organ' backing

Alternative Goth
h h

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Verity Welcome to our page, feel free to browse and sample any of our original songs, and if you like them maybe write a comment or review for us. Thanks V
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When Earth turns away

The Sun does not "go down" the Earth just turns away
And lets its guardian hang around to make another's day

Life evolved... but who knows where or when
From tiny speechless speck to complicated men

The Universe is vast, beyond our understanding
We see but a sample from the place that we are standing

Anything is possible when we are not aware
Of powers we cannot conceive, of things that are not there

We wonder at the beauty and why we see it so
Because it moves emotions, ignites an inner glow

The fate of being born at all, a miracle for sure
The punishment of life is all the sorrow we endure

The joy of our existence comes at rare and special times
Of love and pleasure rising as fulfillment climbs

But we may never know the truth or see the story end
All that we can do is watch in wonderment my friend

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