Songs with jazz-attitude that tell our stories; unveil our truths; endorse our remedies; and dedicate what we hold most deeply.

Phil Streets is a jazz/pop musician who has been writing and recording for decades. As a touring musician throughout the 70's and early 80's, Streets cut his musical teeth on live performances throughout the mid-west. Since that time, he has enjoyed the creative freedom and flexibility the studio has provided. "Throughout my recording projects, I've been blessed to work with some outstanding musicians from all over the U.S. and abroad. It's really made getting there as much fun as reaching the destination".
We hope you enjoy the tunes on this page and encourage you to check out Phil's newest album "Hypothetically of Course" available at CD Baby, Amazon, YouTube and iTunes. See the link below.

Dating over your head, and enjoying the altitude.

Adult Alternative
h h

Growin Old with You
Tribute to love with longevity.

Alternative Pop Rock
h h

Some People Say
Desperation seeks the magic of the moonlight

Alternative Pop
h h

Epiphany Mine
A phone conversation goes 180.

Alternative Pop
h h

Veneer My Dear
A kept man assesses his condition and dreams of a spine

Alternative Pop
h h

Jimmy's Come Around
Our boy finds the missing piece of his puzzle. Things begin looking up.

Alternative Pop Rock
h h

This New York Thing
Kid attacks the big city seeking fame and fortune. Finds a fast local girl instead.

Alternative Pop Rock
h h

Manhattan Skies
A tribute to 9/11 and how it brought us together.

Alternative Pop Rock
h h

Cloudy (With A Chance of Rain)
Trouble in the burbs. It won’t be long now.

Alternative Pop Rock
h h

Zeros and Ones
What once was is now a glowing screen in a dark room.

Alternative Pop Rock
h h

Yadda Yadda
Politics, televangelists and psychology all take turns under the microscope.

h h

Nineteen and Counting
Written by Don Patterson, this song is a tribute to relationships that stand the test of time.

h h

Without A Net
Unconditional love. What a concept.

Alternative Pop Rock
h h

When Mama Ain't Happy
"Eddy, Brother Ray with The Wheezer and me . . . ." and we go from there.

Alternative Pop Rock
h h

Theres You
Regret and clarity realized in an empty house.

h h

The Shadow of Your Smile
An arrangement of an old jazz standard

h h

DMD Compact Disc Online
Alternative pop/rock with a little jazz peekin through

Alternative Pop Rock  info  

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Duane Flock

5/7/2017 10:52:48 AM
Great Stuff Phil!
As always, you have mastered your tunes and the production to perfection.
I listen to your songs and always get inspired to pick up a guitar and work on a new riff.

Thanks for letting me know about your new works. I'm going to buy the new CD.


Miles Cope

2/16/2011 2:51:15 PM
Just the way Mandel & Webster wrote it a perfect rendition of "Shadow Of Your Smile" complete with intro that too many of us singers drop in fear of audiences getting lost before the hook. Just a top drawer performance by a seasoned vocalist.



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