Galleon is an Atlanta-based musical group which firmly believes life is much too short to settle for ordinary music. Comprised of Elliott and June Michaels, William Easterling, Mike Shea, John Patka, and Martin Alvarez, this electric outfit plays a variety of rock, folk-rock, and modern country music; blending tastefully melodic, well-crafted original songs with choice deep-cut cover tunes, and performing it all with professionalism and style. Thus, the band makes music that sails above and beyond all the rest!

Galleon's music is a fusion of the best elements of jazz, country, blues, gospel, folk, and African and Latin musical styles - the very same elements which were fused together to forge rock music in the first place. So it's still rock & roll to Galleon!

Galleon founder and skipper ELLIOTT MICHAELS (guitar, lead vocals, songwriting) is a seasoned veteran of the music scenes in New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. He founded Galleon in 1994 and has been maintaining it ever since. Michaels' impeccable vocal styling and right-on-the-mark songwriting are the foundation on which was built the Galleon!

Galleon's current lineup also features WILLIAM EASTERLING (polyphonic synthesizer, organ, electric piano, harmony vocals, songwriting), a classically-trained musician with an eclectic pop sensibility; MIKE SHEA (kit drums, percussion), a sensational musician whose fierce but tasteful attack belies his mild-mannered behavior; JOHN PATKA (lead guitar, harmony vocals), a well-seasoned rocker through and through; MARTIN ALVAREZ (bass guitar), a talented Florida transplant with plenty of tropical heat; and Elliott's lovely wife JUNE ELISE MICHAELS (weapons of hand percussion, background vocals, lyrics, administrative support), a long-time new music devotee with lots of get-up-and-go. The spirit, enthusiasm, and professionalism of these musicians helps ensure smooth sailing for Galleon!

The chemistry and camaraderie among musical partners Alvarez, Patka, Shea, Easterling, and Mr. & Mrs. Michaels is most evident in Galleon's cohesive and assertive sound, imposing stage presence, and commanding performance. The group has appeared often at Atlanta-area nightclubs and concert events, and they look forward to growing and progressing as they play their special brand of music throughout the Southeastern United States in the coming months. Bookings, auditions, and additional information regarding Galleon are handled as follows:

803 Cimarron Parkway
Sandy Springs, GA 30350
Telephone: (404) 552-2763 or (404) 374-0100
Official GALLEON E-Mail Correspondence:
GALLEON Web Pages:

Great music still matters, so don't you miss the boat ... welcome aboard GALLEON!


PREACHER (Bolnick/Tuchband)
This is a song where you can take the lyrics at face value or read deeper meanings into them. As always, listen and draw your own conclusions.

Modern Country
h h

PARTING SHOT (Michaels/Russell)
This song, originally titled "Variations on a Theme of Russell," is about love which no longer exists. Special thanks to my old friend, the late Lisa Ann Russell, for providing the inspiration I needed to write this song. Too bad L.A. couldn't sing, play, or write herself!

Adult Contemporary
h h

OPEN UP YOUR SOUL (Rubin/Easterling/Michaels)
This may be GALLEON's best shot at a hit yet. As always, listen and judge for yourself that you may be the better judge.

Progressive Folk Rock
h h

This song was written by my friend Chris Owens, leader of the now-defunct Atlanta band Full Circle. Special thanks to former Full Circle and Galleon drummer Scott Edens for teaching it to us.

Indie Pop Rock
h h

GOLD (Rondell/Rubin/Filowitz)
This is one of the late Steve Rondell's finest musical compositions and we believe it can be a big hit. Rest in peace, Steve, and may the Good Lord have mercy on your old soul.

Folk Rock
h h

TAPIOLA (Bolnick/Tuchband)
This is a song about adventure and romance in a town in Finland known as Tapiola. Do not confuse this song with the Jean Sibelius composition of the same title.

Folk Rock
h h

ROCK 'N' ROLL STILL MATTERS (Michaels/Easterling)
This may well be GALLEON's next big hit. Listen and get into the groove!

Melodic Rock
h h

MAKE A MIRACLE (Elliott C. Michaels)
This is a song written in 1987 by Galleon leader ELLIOTT MICHAELS. The song is all about the homeless and what we all need to do in order to help them. The lyrics may be even more important now than they were over 30 years ago.

Contemporary A/C
h h

GALLEON (Rondell/Filowitz/Tuchband)
This is GALLEON's themesong. It tells you what we're all about in a four-minute nutshell. Listen and sail along with GALLEON!

Melodic Hard Rock
h h

OPTIONS (Michaels)
This is GALLEON's best shot at a hit. It has "major label" written all over it. Listen and judge for yourself!

Power Pop
h h

This is GALLEON's foray into modern country music. Thanks to my good friend John Grant for writing a great song and allowing us to give it our best performance.

Modern Country
h h

I NEED LOVE (Michaels/Tuchband)
This is about a feeling all human beings go through at one time or another. Everybody needs someone else to open a door. We're all the same in that respect.

Pop Rock
h h

FAIR-WEATHER FRIENDS (Michaels/Tuchband)
We all get used now and then, and we all use others now and then. But some people get used much more than others. This is the story of one of these people.

Folk Rock
h h

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