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Digital Music Distribution (DMD)


What is the Digital Music Distribution (DMD) Program?


DMD is a way for the artist, producer, management, or label to use the site to assemble and distribute music, digitally, in which the consumer can purchase an entire CD including artwork, and then download, burn, or transfer to a personal listening device, one or more individual songs, or the entire CD. The consumer may also purchase downloads of individual songs ala carte. With the consumer in mind, IndieMusicPeople will stay on the forefront of digital delivery, which is currently revolutionizing the way music is distributed worldwide.



What does it cost to create an IndieMusicPeople DMD CD or DMD singles?


DMD CDs and DMD singles may be created by all accounts and incur no setup fee. 



What is the cost of DMD CDs and DMD singles?


For DMD CDs and singles, will charge nothing. The entire net proceeds, consisting of the artist's selected price less the Paypal transaction fee, goes to the artist.



What is the suggested pricing for DMD CDs and DMD singles?


The artist, producer, management, or label will designate the price for DMD CDs, and DMD singles. There will be no free downloads available, but all streaming is free. DMD singles for sale need not be streamable, or may be offered in lower quality for streaming.



How do consumers buy my music?


When your DMD music is created, it is listed on your artist's page. Each DMD single for sale will have an "Add to Cart" link. Each DMD CD will have a "Buy Now" button, and a link to an informational page about the CD, which will also have a "Buy Now" button. Customers browsing the site will click on these links to add DMD singles to their shopping cart or Buy the DMD CD immediately. There's a "Check Out" button on each page, which takes the consumer to an area where all items can be reviewed, edited as to quantity, or deleted. Finally, the consumer can click on the "Purchase" button to complete the purchase as listed, using PayPal or a credit card under the PayPal guest option



How long does it take for DMD CDs or DMD singles to be available for purchase?


DMD CDs are available for purchase immediately upon completion by the artist of the setup or edit process. DMD singles are available immediately after the artist designates the songs as available for purchaed download. 



Can various aspects of CDs be changed after they are created?


The artist, producer, management, or label may change any aspect of DMD singles or DMD CDs.



What is the time frame and methodology for order fulfillment?


Upon successful completion of the purchase process, a confirmation html page is presented to the buyer. A special key link to a custom download page is included, which has buttons to initiate the actual digital delivery of the purchased music. Hence, DMD items are delivered immediately.





Notification of sales, and payment


Sales and proceeds of DMD singles and DMD CDs are handled by PayPal.

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