Straightfork is a four piece rock machine from Houston Texas that is all about pure rock and roll. Straightfork was formed in October of 2004 and since then the quartet has been steadily growing and progressing in the Houston rock scene and throughout Texas in general. Straightfork strives to put out a hard driving classic/southern rock sound that seems to be missing in much of today’s music. With so many influences behind them such as AC/DC, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Guns N’ Roses and ZZ Top, it’s hard to place this fresh new act into one genre of rock. They like to refer to it as real rock and roll with a Texas attitude. Many are curious about the name, which the band adopted from a street sign in one of their local neighborhoods. The members had passed the street countless times on their way to practice and knew that was the name that would represent their unique style of rock. Just like their name, Straightfork sounds a little different and has that good old southern flair that helps them stand out in a modern music scene filled with generic “cookie cutter” bands. Straightfork is not only about the south, but about honest, hard driving, big riff American rock and roll in general; the type of music that has withstood various fads and trends throughout the years and helped set the foundation of rock music today. This is the kind of music that each member of the band has grown up listening to and is the kind of music that rings true in their hearts. Rock and roll never died. It’s alive and well in a little place called Texas.

Horseshoes & Hand Grenades

Southern Rock
h h

Evil Woman

Southern Rock
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