Qubenzis Psy Audio

A music project by musician, producer and dj Qubenzis Psychedelic Audio or simply "QPA".

You are Welcome...

To join us on the journey into a world of original psychedelic trance music. With a sound system and download access you're set for a trip. Enjoy! Start here: http://qubenzis.com/downloads

Track from the EP called Alien Dharma by Qubenzis Psy Audio (aka QPA)

Psychedelic trance
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A music project

by musician, producer and dj Qubenzis Psychedelic Audio or simply "QPA" from Sweden (lives currently in Spain).


Music project inspired by psychedelic trance and electronic music in general. Perpetual investigation into the most vital part of the psychedelic subculture, namely the music.
Play some samples here: http://www.qubenzis.com/audio-player-reverbnation/

The alien space hippies

and various beings of light are consistently and successfully spreading the psychedelic (mind enhancing) life style required in order to shed light upon a more profound understanding of our home-world, the alive and kicking mother Gaia.

Got into psytrance

in the late nineties and eventually started to dj the genre 2006. By 2007 he finally started recording psychedelic trance music under the name Qubenzis Psychedelic Audio. Released his first Psytrance album “Meta Dawn – Total Disclosure Demanded” (Qubetech.net FEB 2010).

Recent Production & Releases

Qubetech.net (electronic)

Album 2007 - Xen Breaks (Break Beat)

Album 2007 - Cosmic Embryo (Electronica).

Qubetech.net (psy)

Album 2010 - The Subsequent Resonance

Album 2010 - Meta Dawn

Album 2012 - Alien Face Lift

LUA Recordings (psy)

EP 2012 - Alien Inspiration Neo Goa Inception [LUA / Qubetech]
LUA http://www.lua-records.com/QPA-promo-page.html

Cosmogenesis Recordings
QPA have tracks on 40 & 25 Full Moons

Recent Gig experience (2006 – 2010, psychedelic trance

Al Andalus Trance Festival (Chill Out set)
Rocket Festival (Spain)
Dragon Festival (Spain)
Tribal Funk sound-system (Spain, Orgiva)
Abracolabra (Spain, with names like Ocelot, Rinkadink, Dj betty, dj Unhinged, Naked Turist)
Club Colonial (Spain, Marbella)
Clubs in Granada (Spain, with dj Fly Fluss)
Astraltech Raves (Spain, Malaga, Pino Lopez)
Menta with Tribal Funk sound-system (Spain, Granada)
Carismadelic Raves (Spain, Malaga)
Psy Tunnels (Gata Gorgos, Spain, with names like Lion Ras, La Mancha-Jávea, Hipnoise, Yarza, Sungaze, Oso)
ECOlibro Festival
Various private parties…

Contact and DJ booking


Other QPA music pages

http://qubenzis.com/ (official web page)
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Qubenzis Psy Audio