The Michael Jameson Band:
Summer Love

Bursting on the scene from seemingly out of nowhere, Michael Jameson
has distilled and fine tuned a level of funk/fusion that is utterly infectious
and will no doubt get your groove-thing pulsing to the powerful rhythmic
tidal wave that envelops his sound. A masterful studio artist, who has
been churning up through the NYC back alleys with his tightly woven new
band, is getting a soulful response from mixed audiences everywhere who
just love to let it rip and dance the night away. Summer Love evokes the
feel of a sunny afternoon in Greenwich Village, in the park, people of all
shades of the rainbow mingling and glistening in the sweet summer sweat.
Love and friendship in the air and a good vibe is felt by all.

Summer Love

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I Wish We Were In Love Again

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