Jesse Gagnon is a musician from Hancock, Michigan,- and a member of the Band called "DaBom". He has a new album out now called "Time of My Life". It is rock n' roll. He also has many other CD's out now on CDBaby- including- "Life as I Know it"- the Debut,- "Freaky EP",- the fun follow-up to "L.A.I.K.I.", "Scarlet Black",- the dark horse, and "Soy"- the summer album. His music is fun. Check out his site or, or get a free download from called "Sally Go Boom!"

instrumental song with the words 1,2,3,4

h h

old dabom song

h h

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Hancock MI USA
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Check out the new !

New Album- "DaBom"

Best of RBP Vol. 2 out now! -released on CD
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Jesse Gagnon