Very early in life Gail, who is a native San Franciscan picked up the guitar and played on Sly Stone's album ""High On You"" in 1975 - then known as Cousin Gale. Since that time Gail Muldrow (born November 23, 1955 San Francisco, CA, has been an important fixture in the SF music scene. She has also become a member of the Family Stone - not in the sense that she played on any of the other Sly and the Family Stone albums during Sly's time - but she is a driving force in bringing back together what remains of the Family Stone in various combinations.

She has been a member of Family Without Stone around 1989 and in 2004 she joined The Family Stone Experience aka Life: The First Family of Funk - featuring former Family Stone members Gregg Errico and Jerry Martini. The latter says that ""Gail Muldrow is one of the finest singers and entertainers anywhere in the world"". With that connection it is pretty obvious that Gail's guitar playing involves a lot funk. Although she has not been a member of Sly and the Family Stone in the 70s, she has been a member of Graham Central Station then for two years and is featured on the 1977 album ""Now Do U Wanta Dance"". In addition Gail played with famous funk musicians like Prince and Chaka Kahn.

On the other hand Gail's repertoire includes a lot of blues and she doesn't only play the guitar - she is also a terrific singer. Since 1992 she has been a member of the Johnny Otis Show and can be heard singing and playing guitar on Johnny Otis' album ""R&B Dance Party"" (1999) on five songs. It was Johnny Otis who gave her the nickname 'Little Bit' because of her height. Gail likes to use the nickname 'Mojo' instead. With that name and band - Gail 'Mojo' Muldrow - she backs up famous singers like Sugar Pie DeSanto - whom Otis called 'Little Miss Sugar Pie' in the 50s. By the way, Johnny Otis once discovered Esther Phillips - then known as 'Little Esther' - one of the greatest singers ever.

Having said that, one has to admit that Gail belongs to this category (and I am not talking about little women!!!) as well and there is probably more blues and soul in her voice than the average blues singer has to offer.

In live action she is a killer vocalist and guitar player,her show is something that you never forget for the rest of your life !!!

The two new Cd's,releases next early 2007,the first alone in the studio and the second recorded live with a powerful band, they are both testimony of its great talent!

There is still more because Gail also knows how to rock the house and with Quicksilver Gold - featuring yet another bunch of famous Bay Area musicians - she demonstated that she can play psychedelic rock as well. Her experience in this field comes from her playing with the likes of Merl Saunders (with whom she co-wrote the song ""Melons In Season"" from Saunders' 1979 album ""Do I Move You""), Melvin Seals and the Jerry Garcia Band. Well, and when she is not recording with new artists like Doug Jayne or playing with one of her bands, like Spudnig or Big Nurse, she is working solo and plays places like Peri's as Sista Cleen.

Last but not least, Gail released her solo album ""Cleen Spirit"" in 2003. The album is truly an expression of Gail's spirit and thus the 12 tracks represent Gail's many musical talents. The album starts with the heavy metal laden ""Bitch Mommy Bitch"" which hits you like a truck. Next is ""Bootz"" and only when you hear the line ""... gonna walk all over you ..."" you know that Gail has just done that and you begin to catch the rhythm and spirit of the first two tracks. Well and then it gets kind of dreamy with ""Your Love Wont Go"" and you know that one has to love Gail's music - she is a great singer and songwriter and dares to be different. This album isn't playing safe and if one is used to one-style-only albums, maybe hard to digest (""It's Hard""/""Hate Me"").

On the other hand, life is an ever changing configuration of feelings and ""Cleen Spirit"" is full of life. Then there is the almost instrumental and funky ""Whered You Get Yo Funk"" which immediately wants to make you move yo body. ""Ribbons and Bows"" - a declaration of independence - has the smoothest rhythm ever and is possibly the best track on the album ... do I have to add more details? Please check out the album and buy it - you won't be disappointed!

Gail Muldrow - Song 64789
In the tradition of 60's Girl Singer songs

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