British singer/songwriter Sophie Agapios pronounced (Ag-ab-ee-os) has set her mark on both sides of the Atlantic with her blend of quirky, peppy, rocky-pop. Her English sounding soft-vocals combined with hooky melodies of her songwriting make Sophie, at last, the UK’s answer to credible pop. Sophie, meaning ‘wisdom’ in Greek and Agapios meaning ‘to love’ certainly infuses both emotions into her songwriting.

The reaction to her work has been startling. Sophie’s debut album ‘Philosophie’ featuring the single ‘U Girl’ was first released in the US after being sought out as part of the “BPI Best of British” acts promoted through the US group of Virgin Megastores. They describe her as having “talent that is easily recognisable through passionate songs and solid vocals - she not only catches your attention with her intense and powerful lyrics but knocks you over with her incredibly soothing voice”.

High praise indeed for this songwriter who had almost resigned herself to being a waitress for the rest of her life. A spur of the moment trip to Los Angeles in 2000 prompted her to give her music career one last shot. Arming herself with the LA music industry Yellow Pages, Sophie called every name listed. From over 300 calls, only 1 person happened to answer his phone and that was one of Hollywood’s top record management and production executives Brad Schmidt, who managed 80’s teen pop-sensation Tiffany among others.

So impressed with their initial meeting, that he let her play around in his state of the art recording studio where she started writing to backing tracks which more established artists had written off ! U Girl was one of them. The track was eventually overheard by DreamWorks signed artist/producer London Jones who has recently collaborated with Jessica Simpson and Shanice. He was completely blown away with what Sophie had done with the song and asked her to record the track with him as a Producer.

That song - U Girl - Sophie’s debut single - has since created waves in the US as it appeared in a series of the hit Warner Bros. TV show ‘Smallville’. It’s airing prompted an inundation of new fans to register on Sophie’s website and since then LA based music supervisors have been requesting further material for other hit US TV shows.

Inspired by diverse singer/songwriters such as Sheryl Crow, Joni Mitchell, Julia Fordham, Natalie Imbruglia and even Janet Jackson. This curvaceous brunette continues to make her mark within the hallowed walls of the music industry circles as Sophie’s sentiments are a million miles away from the style of lyrics so commonplace in today’s charts.

They are now looking to take Squeaky Records and Sophie’s music to the next level by exploring potential collaborations with a larger label. Sophie’s UK management team are Steve Betts and Phil Knox-Roberts of Instant Karma.


****A selection of Sophie's songs are available to download on i tunes.****

Sophie Agapios - Under Your Skin

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Sophie Agapios - U Girl

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