The story of our band goes way back and although Devillac was founded in the summer of 2000, we have a history of playing together for over a decade, such bands as Supercruiser and Fuzzbender probably being the most memorable ones and worth mentioning.

After Daredevil Records released the well-received Devillac vs. Transonic Science split in 2001 we started to work on a bunch of new songs for a full-length album that was recorded but never released as some major line-up changes were made in the band about four years ago.
Vesa was replaced by Micki as the singer and Janne joined us as the second guitarist.
We then started to work on new growly rock’n’roll songs that would become the album Three Hours to Coma.

Micki (vocals), Aki (bass), Mikko (drums), Ismo (guitar)

One of the ten songs on our self-financed and released album Three Hours to Coma from January 2008.

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Man Without a Spine
A track from our debut album Three Hours to Coma, that was self-financed and self-released in January 2008.

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We are glad to announce a new member to our dysfunctional family we like to call Devillac, Markus "Schenker Group" Bongardt.
Markus is our good friend from the weird country of Germany who shares our love in strange but hypnotic tunes and beer. He plays an instrument called guitar, and quite well we might add. He is also known from the band Transonic Science.

Older Devillac songs now available via Amazon mp3!

We released an album full of older Devillac songs as a digital release.

The album will be available via iTunes and other digital outlets in 8-10 weeks, but if you're living in the States, you can dowload it via Amazon. com mp3 downloads.


2.The Absence of Vultures
4.Lift Off
9.Bee Queen

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