A powerful mix of vintage guitar tones, hook-heavy synth lines, and creative four-part harmonies make Woodward’s …But Your Kids Are Gonna Love It one of the most original and exciting debuts to come out of Detroit in years. Woodward’s fresh, catchy melodies and driving beats initiate an energetic thrill that highlights the band’s sophisticated lyrical content.

With a reverence for musical styles and cult-classical artistic themes that have defined a generation, …But Your Kids Are Gonna Love It melodically reminds its audience of where rock has been, while quite seriously challenging where it might go. Integrating sounds that are both fresh and nostalgic, Woodward seamlessly moves between a flirtatious keyboard that echoes modern pop/rock and a playful lyricism reminiscent of The Beatles.

Proud of their hometown heritage, Woodward is named after the Detroit thoroughfare Woodward Avenue, which bridges worlds by connecting the Northern suburbs to the Southern tip of downtown Detroit. Similarly, the cutting edge modern attitude and vintage, nostalgic tone of Woodward’s sound is putting a new face on the Detroit music scene by bringing together all different types of music lovers. Young and old, everyone can find something in Woodward that they love.

Known for unforgettable live shows and electrifying stage presence, Woodward is a band that reminds everyone that music is supposed to be fun. Every concert leaves the crowd screaming for more, and raving to their friends the next day. This happy, upbeat vibe is captured on …But Your Kids Are Gonna Love It, and the catchy vocal hooks are memorable and exciting. The band backs up the vocals with a deep-pocket rock groove that gets people’s feet moving. All told, Woodward’s …But Your Kids Are Gonna Love It is an album that announces the debut of a tremendously talented young band with the potential to be widely accessible.

Find The Words

Alternative Pop Rock
h h

Take It Back

Alternative Pop Rock
h h

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