World-Renowned traditional Native American flute performer and educator Wolf’s Robe performs regularly at places such as The Grand Canyon National Park, Chaco Canyon National Park, Devil’s Tower National Monument, and Badlands National Park as well as museums, libraries, and resorts across the country. This two-time Native American Music Award (NAMA) Nominee performs on and teaches about Native American flutes, bringing both traditional music and original compositions to life. Wolf’s Robe’s performances weave delicate melodies and improvisation into a landscape with the sounds of nature while also teaching about the importance of cultural preservation.
Wolf’s Robe offers performance lectures for adults (which are both concerts and educational lectures), hands-on workshops about flute-making, and programs styled for young adults. Stemming from a commitment to the preservation of the Native American flute as well as his own ancestral connections, Wolf’s Robe’s work has been credited with helping to keep alive the art of traditional flute music. His work has been showcased in documentaries and DVDs, he has released 4 recordings, and his 2007 release “Visions of a Past” has been nominated for the 2008 NAMA awards.
“Our Native culture is like a fine weaving with each strand representing a part of our culture and the flute is just one of those strands, but if you cut just one of those strands, over time you will lose the weaving so I strive to keep just a part of our culture alive, evolving, and intact. I wish to share it with the World,” he says.

Sky People

Licensed Cover

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