A solo project from the co-founder of Sac. area Death Metal outfit, FORSAKE THE FLESH. These songs are a result of years of struggle, drug addiction, hell, divine intervention, evolution, bitter setbacks, and euphoria. At times brutal, and at times beautiful sorrow the songs take the listener on a journey with plenty of atmospheric soundscapes along the way.

You Not Me
Heavy, dark, ambient metal.

Alternative metal
h h

Dark, ambient melodic fusion of metal styles...epic type song.

Dark Melodic Metal
h h

DMD Compact Disc Online
EP 2011
"A metallic dreamscape with sorrowed atmospheriae..." Requiem for Oblivion is a progressive, extreme metal band out of Erie, PA. The band is known for composing complex, heavy, and diverse songs with numerous twists and turns and those who see them onstage are treated to the dynamic musical performance that RFO brings to their live shows. They pay little attention to what would sell or what is trending and blaze their own trail in the tradition of bands like Rush, Dream Theater, and Opeth. Take a listen, watch a video and get ready to enjoy. http://www.reverbnation.com/requiemforoblivion

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The .com site is still under construction. Our reverbnation site has a ton of content. We are in the studio recording a full length CD (approx. 14 songs) and it will be available in 2013. The CD will include lyrics/concept, sticker, tab for one song, pix. We will make songs available for listening as they are completed in the studio. A new model in the music industry. Otherwise, you'd be waiting til mid 2013 to hear anything new!!! The Reverbnation site has the most info, tho we are on numerous sites. Any street team, promotions help would be much appreciated!
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