DeMayer is the new musical home of Heli Mayer. After so many years in bands, Heli
thought it was time for a new motivation .

Heli :”DeMayer gives me the possibility to
work the way I´ve always dreamed of. No more limits and a 100% professional future

DeMayer just signed a management deal with Bad Brothers Company Music Management.
Heli:”I am very happy with that decision and the people there are great partners to make my dream come alive!”

Other partners are: Jägermeister, Dunkelvolk and Star vocal coach Robin D. !

The next months are well planned and you will be able to hear the result in summer
2009 , live and on CD!!


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Lost & Gone
Sometimes it is better to embrace what you´ve got, when it´s still possible!

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DeMayer Studio-report:

We just did finish recording the drum tracks for the forthcoming DeMayer album. All went well and it already sounds great! Franz Pöhn did a great job and rocked IT!!!
Next weekend we start the bass and hopefully by the end of the month the guitars will be ready too!!
All the tracking is done in Austria, for the mix and the mastering we fly to the USA(LA and New York)!

More news soon!!

rocking greets


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