Lester G. Reynolds aka Durty Dawg is not only an amazingly talented Recording Artist and Lyricist but is also making his mark in the Hollywood Acting Scene on Major Film and Broadcast Television. From Humble beginnings,Durty Dawg knows the meaning of true Blessings.

Hold On-The Re-Birth-Feat. Gary Ty Johnson
Hold On-The Re-Birth is truly one of the hottest Club Jams to ever tease your speakerz!!!

Hip Hop/Rap
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Life-Feat. Gary Ty Johnson
Life is a song that forces us to take a very difficult look at how we have impacted the lives of others upon our time to leave this earth. How will you change the life of someone you know?

Hip Hop/Rap
h h

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Durty Dawg is exploding onto the entertainment scene as one of the Hottest new artist of the year and is being hailed as one of the most thought provoking song writers people have experienced in a long time.

People of all ages who do not even like Rap Music continue to become some of Durty Dawg's biggest and most loyal fans.

Visit Durty Dawg at DurtyDawg.Com

Never Give Up on your Dreams,as Anything is Possible if you only Believe!!!

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