Born on August 23rd, 1974, in the small town of Lake Villa, Illinois - Kevin Michael Kappler had a very deep and bright creative spirit.
At the age of 10 he was drawing his own action comics and learning professional photography. In 1994 He began his studies for a career in Music and Computer Technology.
His family: the Kavadas' and Kasstevens' were constantly writing and playing guitar solos. For Folk and Classic Rock Music.
Kevin has one sister, Heather Renee' Kappler-Zito who is Kevin's biggest Mentor and Guide to his own start in music in 1989.
Kevin learned the piano when he was 12 after he played Clarinet in his grade school's marching band.
His father was an attorney for government agencies such as the Chicago Transit Authority while his mother waitressed at fancy dining establishments.
After His dad's passing in 2001 and his mother's in 2004, He vowed never to let go of this creative light and has since made it glow even brighter.

Kevin Kappler-Vocals and Instrumentals(Keyboard)
Video Editing and Sound Engineering.

Kevin Kappler - (live) "feels So Right" Bar Solo
I was singing a song for the first time at "The Deep End BAr," of Lake Vila, Il (Closed Now). it was a huge Thrill. Now I am doing it via

Live Performances
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In the works: Music and Video Editing. Animation and Special Effects!

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Kevin Michael Kappler