"I bow to my collaborators who span countries and continents. Together we are a mountain changing the world one song at a time" ...Casia


•2010 – A NOT Ordinary Christmas (Holiday) - All lyrics and Executive Producer
•2011 – Trevor & Roger’s 13 Stygian Tales (Epic Rock) - lyrics and promotion
•2011 – idream: The Color of Love (Jazz) - All lyrics and Executive Producer


•Porcelain Doll - All lyrics and Executive Producer (vocalist Christina Britton of Scotland) - alternative
•Continents Apart - All lyrics and Executive Producer (vocalist - Yolande Strauss - award winning South African vocalist) - pop
•Oh Charlie - All lyrics and Executive Producer (vocalist Christina Britton of Scotland) - jazz and showtunes
•Tin Man - All lyrics (vocalist Ray Sharp of Canada) - rock
•Carousel - All lyrics (vocalist Benny Moore of USA) - pop rock


•2009/2010/2011 Contributor to Kompozite Album (Wired Magazine)
•2010 - A.D. Defiance - Album to support Cancer Charities
•Song No. 1 and Song No. 2 for musicians collaboration internet rock compilation
•"The Best of Indie Pop" netlabel compilation - song selected from 200 bands

2013 - "I'm On Fire" Rzeszow Carpathia Festival IX International Song Festival - June 7-8, 2013 (Rzeszow, Poland)- Tentative 2012 – “Color of Love” showcased at Universong, European Music Festivals. Televised on wafaTV (internet TV) – July 2012 (Canary Islands, Spain)
2011 – “I’m Alive” showcased at The Golden Melody Song Festival – February 2011 (Lanarca, Cyprus)
2009 – 3rd place at Martisor Musical Festival “Stay With Me Tonight” – March 2009 (Chisinau, Republic of Moldova)
2008 – 2nd place “Stay With Me Tonight” at Music Festival Discovery – August 2008 (Varna, Bulgaria)
2008 – National TV Coverage (Televiziunea Romana) “Won’t you Be Mine” at the International Golden Stag Festival– August 2008 (Brasnov, Romania).

•Song "Destiny's Fire" No. 2 on Kickradio and a four-page write-up in their i-magazine. Voted No. 7 in their worldwide charts in 2009.
•Song "Bottleneck Jones" charted No. 1 on German Blues chart for three months
•Song "Dark Demons" charted No. 1 on Ourstage
•Several songs charting No. 1 on Soundclick
•Video interviewer and social media volunteer at the 2009 Ottawa Folk Festival, interviewing indie artists
•Helping set-up an internet radio station out of Atlanta - "Radio Casbah - The Fevered Brain Network"

Articles: Casia is writing a selection of articles to promote internet music collaborating. Here are couple you can read now: http://www.zimbio.com/The+World+of+Internet+Music+Collaborating

A Million Fireflies (w/Christina Britton)
This is a story about friendship between a man and a woman. Sometimes, one night spoils everything, when everything was perfect the way it was. When the person leaves your life it doesn't mean that you don't miss them terribly, there are other kinds of love and it hurts to lose it.

Female vocal
h h

Everytime I Fell For You (w/Christina Britton)
"Is another word for love a mess, cause I'd love you again, it was never pretend". This is a love song embedding elements of "Alice In Wonderland". Just when you think love is close, it disappears.

Dream Pop
h h

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This is a review I received on one of my promotional websites. Jessica sang Dark Demons and Tricia sang She Walks by. I want to share this with my wonderful collaborators.

June 12, 2009, MST, 2:15am
Song: Dark Demons
Rate The Recording Quality: Better Then Most!
Rate The Vocals: A STAND OUT!
Rate This Song: You Got My Attention!
Rate The Musicianship: They Nailed It!

""Dark Demons"" and ""She Walks By"" have the professional feel and pleasing sound that resounds in my appreciative ear as do all of Casia's posted tunes. However, these two in my opinion are standout tracks. The vocals, the instrumentation, but most of all, the compositions have ""hit song"" written all over them. So impressed by her arrangements, I investigated her further and found a sincere, dedicated lyricist who seems to live for the independent artist. Just the vast amount of diverse and talented musicians she has connected with from an abundance of various countries boggles the mind. She has opened my mind to more sounds, web sites and organizations than I ever knew existed, for example: INIRA – The International Network of Independent Recording Artists, of which she has been recently named ""Client Services Representative"" (see http://www.betarecords.com/casia and her new Gigootz glog). An outanding achievement. I never heard of this organization until I chose her music for a simple review. She is one busy girl and very intensely involved in her love of music. Definitely an artist I will now watch with my ears glued to the internet, so to speak. And speaking of listening, I found her music an extremely pleasurable experience. The melodies rock with syncopated perfection, the vocals reach tonal bliss and the lyrics are inspiring tales of love, doubt and the constant pursuit of inner awareness. A note must also be made as to the ""Alice in Wonderland"" influence in ""Dark Demons"". Being a huge fan of Lewis Carroll, I immediately felt at home with her music and flowed with the rhythm of her words. ""......... Smiling like a Cheshire cat I've gone mad and I can't get back....."" Just a wee sample of the poetry from this song. I was surprised to learn that as a lyricist, her lyrics haven't been posted here or anywhere I could quickly search. As busy as she seems to be, this is understandable, but I feel it is a great disservice to her accomplishment as a writer to leave them omitted. Perhaps it was intentional, but her words are fluid movements set to refreshing melodies and I found myself wanting a more in-depth peek. Overall, a very impressive collection from a master of collaboration. I bow to your ingenuity Casia and ""I'm running breathless.......""

Thanks to:

Dark Demons:
Lyrics by Casia
Vocals by Jessica Rasche
Original Music & Guitars by David Patterson
Bass by Marc Traynor
Keys by Paulo Gomes
Drums by John Wooten
Mix, Master & Final Arrangement by Mark Morgon-Shaw

She Walks By: Casia, Tricia Dovidio, Vincent
The Gatekeeper
Nice Vocals
Aberdeen Scotland Europe The World
Mystery Too

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