Amelia Bloom may only be 13 years old but her musical maturity certainly bellies her age. An accomplished singer, songwriter and performer her talent was recognized at the ripe young age of 11yo by CEO Michael A Puskas who saw her potential and began developing her natural skills into a well oiled and commercially viable pop machine.
“Amelia is a fun loving kid with an amazingly outward personality and is an extrovert at heart and has all the makings of a young star with all the right moves for today’s highly competitive music market”. With a cuter than cute look and an effervescent personality that defines her as a role model of tomorrow this young artist has been growing leaps and bounds over the last (3) years and seems to just get better with each waking
day. Best of all she understands and embraces the importance of being unique and having a fresh outlook on the way she writes records and
presents her music to the world.

Amelia started singing with the prestigious JAANZ school of singing in Australia at nine and has developed the stage and presentation skills
that has seen her win numerous awards with the school which include encouragement awards and best of category awards at the many mid year and end of year showcases held by the school at some of the finest theatres in her home state of Melbourne. In addition she acts as a spokesperson for the Royal Children’s Hospital as a type 1 Diabetic and uses her influence to aid with the increasing need for funding for further
research into this debilitating disease that affects one in every 20 kids in Australia. She actively promotes the cause and uses her ear candy pop
music and honey sweet voice to engage audiences wherever she is presented to bring the research message for Diabetes to the public front.
With a great support network behind her and a loving and open relationship with her parents and loving little sister, Miranda she has all the right plug-ins to make her life interesting, fun and rewarding at this young stage of her growing career. Amelia has generated a growing fan
base from all over the world by being actively seen on some of the nets premier music sites and her My Space profile launched less than 9
months ago has already generated a staggering 14,000 profile views. She also has her own Sonicbids EPK which features all her songs, lyrics, video and a cool gallery of pics that allow the industry to gage her potential and watch her every move. She also has accounts at, Pure
Volume, Number One Artist, The Muzic, Facebook, Entertainment Inc,Hi5, Reverbnation, Our Stage and Teen Star.

Collectively her social networking presence has allowed her to bridge the gap with fans that support her at every level across the world. This type of visibility is very important in stimulating the market as it shows a proactive attitude undertaken by an artist that has every intention to take her magic sound all the way to the top. To date since signing with MPM and DEAD Famous Artists Amelia has managed to put the finishing touches to her first three track Maxi single entitled, “Absolutely Perfect” and features two original songs co-written by Amelia and her manager and one outside hit from none other than Celine Dion and Nicki Webster’s writers. A fun nature motif style of artwork was designed by the art team at “Flaming Rhino” to encapsulate the youthful image of the artist and present a simple but effective single to an eager generation of aspiring fans. The single will be released digitally in January 2008 on the DEAD Famous label and a US version will be released physically into stores through the Arbor / EMI distributed label in Canada. Already Amelia has attracted the interest of heavy weight producers like, Gerry Stober (LA), Mark Wolfson (Playtone, NY) and Juno award winning producer, Brandon Friesen in Winnipeg in Canada as major players wanting to work with her to help define her sound, style and image to an aspiring audience.

She recently landed a lead character role in the upcoming Children’s Fantasy style series, “Stoneage Warriors” which is a kind of Lord of the Rings for kids with her character changing back and forth between a mortal little girl and a creature of darkness. The series currently in production is slated for national exposure when it airs on the c31 Network in Australia late 2008. Amelia has also confirmed the title theme for the series with an original song called, “Book of Dreams” which was co-written by Amelia and her manager. Most recently she emerged from Atlantis Studios in Melbourne with a brand new song for her Maxi single to be released in early 2008. The song, ""No Time Left"" was written by Mike Puskas and Amelia and is a very radio
friendly tune filled with some big chorus hooks and a nice dynamic pop production. The song was produced by Mike Puskas and engineered and mixed by Matt Lefroy. The song is a fun parody between kids of today and the parental relationship that has changed due to our busy lifestyles. Amelia has recently been seen performing her special track show at some local venues of late including Hardimans Hotel in Kensington where she got a standing ovation for her brief (4) track live performance. Amelia will be travelling along with her manager to Canada in February 2008 where her debut album, ""Best Kept Secret"" is being produced by Juno award winning producer, Brandon Friesen who owns both 441 Studios and Arbor Records in Winnipeg in Canada. In April 2008 She began recording her album with producer, Michael Puskas at Atlantis Studios in Melbourne and the ten track pop master piece was mixed in the UK at Bryn Derwen with Platinum Producer, Stuart Epps and slated for a UK release with Genepool / Universal for early 2009.

Today the album is available digitally at iTunes, Nokia Music, Bigpond Music and Optus ZOO through Music OZ nationally. Many new performance showcases are planned for the latter half of 2009.

Let's Play
Here is the perfect teen radio tune in the style of Hannah Montana for Disney. Great fun lyrics with a strong hooky chorus and a well balanced production style give this ACC radio a really good run for its money

h h

Cuz I Like Ta
A great teen track with heaps of angst and attitude that is well captured in the lyrics and the vocal delivery. Big sing along chorus with loads of dynamics in the structure and well suited for commercial radio.

h h

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Bryon Tosoff

8/25/2009 5:43:05 AM
Thanks for your swing by Amelia to my iac artist to meet up here and check your cool groove out too. I indeed will follow up on your suggestion but will first have to check your cooking hot tunes out , nice kicking vibe there......Will have to find a place for your songs to live at a few stations.....all the best now and stay in touch....
keeping rocking it out




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