There once was a pipe, an Indian clay chillum hand crafted and fired on a cow-dung fire by an old chillum maker in Pondicherry, Southern India. It was no ordinary pipe and the smoke of mysticism it breathed into the minds of three fellow travellers eventually provided the inspiration behind the music of The Chillum Brothers.

Described as 'Spiritual World Music with Indian overtures' it twists into funk psychedelia with substance, which is well thought out with tasty instrumental mixtures. A clash of cultures maybe, but it's out of the ordinary and unique - a mesmerizing, ridiculously original, world-influenced pop.

The great eastern musical, constantly changing and challenging the listener. It's tribal. It's new wave meets euro experimental meets the far east. A love of textures that is profoundly intriguing and engaging. This music is a creative idealogical and spiritual journey, where west meets east and takes in all it finds in between.

The Chillum Brothers are a groovin' unique blend of international sounds. Unfazed by the freaky and weird, their music has character, intelligence, satire, and sincerity. It is unlike anything you've heard before. But at the same time it's remarkable, eclectic, diversity does not jar the senses but in fact, draws you in. Taking avante garde modes from another world, add to that syncopated beats and contrasted double-time. It starts with a bong and then turns into a reflective, trippy, drug glazed motion all of it's own all the while encompassing an almost bollywood tone.

Dynamic, beyond hip & totally interesting it exudes vivid imagery and sublime sonic textures.

This is Maharajah rock.

This is The Chillum Brothers!

Hypnotic groove adorned with spacey ethnic samples and thoughtful idealistic lyrics

World Fusion
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Weird mixture of traditional Indian rhythms and sounds, with a rock sensibility

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Chicken Street
Ethnic and rhythmic, with a mixture of spoken word and Bowie-esque choruses.

h h

Thrilling groove in 5/4 time with underlying mantras and samples

h h

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11/26/2011 3:06:07 AM
wonderful music guys



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