Insout is a creative music duo formed in 2000 by Claudio Allia (composer and producer) and Riccardo Samperi (composer, producer and sound engineer) with the only intent to express their own visions and inner emotions, through the exploration of several sonic directions.

""We were born and we live in Sicily, a highland in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea that has witnessed confluence of very different cultures through the centuries: Greek, Arabians, Normans, Spanish and American too -- Sigonella NATO base is only 5 miles from our hometown""

""Our artistic influences vary from Magritte and Dalì paintings to Mediterranian etno /folk music, rock and blues, electronic music, funk, jazz and classical; from J.S. Bach to Dreamtheater, from Thelonious Monk to Orbital.""

Claudio and Riccardo founded a small indie record company T.R.P. Music with the main goal to promote own releases and other accomplished jazz and classical artists.

""Our production and performing approach is easy and spontaneous with no big business or marketing plans, we just seat in the studio with a glass of red wine and let it all flow through melodies and chords progressions. We feel a common state of mind with a ""zen approach"" to what we do, and when we feel happy with what we have played and recorded, we are sure to show it to the rest of the world.""

Insout 's debut CD Trikke & Trakke was released by T.R.P. Music in 2001 and promoted online.
Proceeds from his sales went to help the St. Camillus Mission hospital of Karungu-Kenya.

Insout was front page featured band on May 2002, where it amassed more than 50.000 plays on his artist page. Track ""Ka-Hora"" reached #1 Jazz charts on June 2002.

Insout was front page featured band on May 2001, Trikke & Trakke was a featured CD on (before its closure) where it amassed more than 60.000 plays on page.

Discover now Acoustic Privacy released by Insout on March 2005, an amazing sonic adventure through gentle acoustic sounds and elegant contemporary jazz atmospheres, featuring as special guest star Paul Wertico on drums.

Expensive Mood

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Acoustic Jazz
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John Devitt

6/16/2007 4:26:03 PM
Great to see you guys are here too!

all the best,




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