It started as therapy. Is there any better way to exorcise the demons? A good jam soothes the soul. No doubt. So JB, Stu and G hit the studio to be cleansed in the aural waves of distortion and ringing cymbals. JB's kit was so loud that the demons piss-bolted for the hills within about three seconds. Job done.

From the outset the trio clicked sonically, wrote their first original within minutes and began to realise that their mutual therapy session had turned into something more profoundly awesome. As the set evolved, so did the banter, the moves, the Myspace page and the video concepts. After initially having a rough of idea of how they wanted to sound, all influences faded as they began to sound like... well, they began to sound like Correctional Facilities: Stu's straightine rock hooks, spiced with modern grunt, evoking an image of what might happen if Al's Diner served Bolivian flake; G's furious love/hate songs, like Lindsay Buckingham mainlining espresso; and then there were the exciting fledglings that grew before their very eyes: drug-rock, truck-rock, zombie-rock, contemporary-HBO-TV-series-rock... oh, so much rock.

And the gig offers came thick and fast as the hype spread. Sure, they either refused or cancelled them all (a move some attributed to a genius marketing scheme) but the debut live performance is not far away. And when it happens, you can bet that the Facilities will come correct.

Trucker Love
The taste of gravel.

Garage Rock
h h

Random Letters
ABCDEFG... the most important letters in the alphabet

Alternative Rock
h h

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Lock it in: Saturday, 17 July 2010 - 3pm to 5pm @ Mojo Music, Lower Level 32 York Street, Sydney


1. 1:00pm: Wake up (optional)
2. 1:01pm: Wash two panadol down with one Bloody Mary
3. 1:02pm: Get rid of spouse, partner, children and pets (unless they rock)
4. 1:05pm: Travel to venue early for retail therapy
5. 2.30pm: Purchase beer while Mojo is transformed into Cavern-style rock haunt
6. 2.45pm: Buy roses to throw at the feet of the musicians
7. 3:00pm: Jostle for position close to your favourite Facilitator
8. 3:30pm: Drop jaw
9. 4.30pm: Return jaw to normal position and wipe away tears of joy
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