Right Up Your Street is a quite new and young combo from Berlin, committed to Alternative Rock and willing to conquer the stages of the world in the future with the voice of their charismatic singer.

But first, back to the future – or rather to the past?

It all started when Christian (bass) and Stephan (guitar) together in renowned company, maltreated their instruments and soon enough welcomed the desire to start a band.

After a long search they met Oliver (drums), who was only a temporary drummer at first, but quickly became irreplaceable for the growing band. After many, sometimes unsuccessful rehearsals with interested singers, the boys met Laura.

It quickly became clear that they had stumbled upon their musical equivalent.
Under the name ""The Lunchbox"" they went together a little part of their musical journey and met Mario, who introduced himself as a possible second guitarist for the band. In the following rehearsals they worked hard on new songs and created their very own style, that fits into the genre of Alternative-Rock.

Eventually they decided that with the newly chosen path, a new bandname had to come along. They put a lot of thought into it and for general amusement some flashes of inspiration such as SCOLM and Behind Sad Eyes (short BSE) were open to debate.

Ultimately they decided on Right Up Your Street.
There is something for everyone, it's also exactly your case, so -
Right Up Your Street

Sarah - Vocals
Christian - Bass
Stephan - Guitar
- Drums
Mario - Guitar

Laura - Vocals (till autumn 2011)
Oliver - Drums (till 2.7.2012)

You vs. Me
Vocals done by ex-singer Laura

Alternative Rock
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Right Up Your Street