Hi all, I'm a Rock Guitarist from Welwyn Garden City in the UK. I write and record my own music, songs, instrumentals at home. Music is a way of life for me, my means of truly expressing myself. Whilst not currently performing live due to ill health, I am slowly building a stockpile of original material, and have material ready to bring to the people hopefully later this year or into early 2014.

I think this is one of my best pieces of solo work. No particular mood in mind when I started work on it, however, as it grew, I visualised an image of someone attempting escape, ending up 'cornered', and so the crescendo at the end of the piece reflects the desperation at their situation, and then the gradual realisation at really having been 'cornered'!


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Excited! have been asked to work on material to play acoustically as an opening act for two very talented musicians, one of whom was playing during the opening ceremony at the London 2012 Olympics! Finally getting back onstage again. Slow steps, big leaps!
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