Zane is a musician with a story to tell. From teenage years busking the streets in Canada, Zane has travelled the world, lived outside with punks, meditated for months on end, participated in an exchange program in Nicaragua, and settled in Berlin for a couple years where he released his EP Les biéns.

Zane's sound is characterized by his deep expressive voice and electronic baritone guitar, which features heavily on his tracks. Catchy hooks combined with innovative arrangements, creative recording and electronic sounds give Zane's music a unique character, which draws influence from Grizzly Bear, Mother Mother and Jack White.
His fresh sound and charisma has secured him attention of promoters around Berlin, warming up at a sold out show for Sheppard (Universal), and recording as a featured artist for Chi Thanh and MC Fitti.

Outside the world of music, Zane writes poetry, runs live music workshops in contemporary dance, is involved in the gay community - as a result of his gay parentage and has written about his experience as a street musician for Shlur magazine.

The Wildest of Sticks

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New Pond Relfection
Free Association

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