A Tape Collage For Eloise is the dusty bedroom recording project of a perpetually awkward recluse. The music is assembled using various tape formats as well as a version of the freeware audio editing program Audacity which is over a decade old and subsequently a bit faulty. And that faultiness translates to the songs themselves which are muddied, saturated in tape noise and wrought with imperfections. In this way they act like memories of inebriated youth; fractured, hazy and sometimes all too obscure.

A rickety lament for the futility of trying to recapture lost youth. From the album Your Smile Is Made Of Vanished Days.

Alternative Indie
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Saints Be Praised For The Nuclear Winter
From the album Your Smile Is Made Of Vanished Days

Indie Pop
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A new botched and shambolic 8 track album is available here: https://atapecollageforeloise.bandcamp.com/album/your-smile-is-made-of-vanished-days
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A Tape Collage For Eloise