The Silent Boys band has been silently playing jangly, melodic, and haunting guitar pop for over three decades. From 1986-1991 they were regulars in the night club world of downtown Richmond, Virginia. The Silent Boys reformed in 1999 after two of their songs songs recorded in the 80s appeared on indie compilations- Will There be Time for Tea (Morgan Leah) and Seven Summers (Kindercore/Tweenet). Wallace Dietz, the bandleader, writes memorable, hummable, and sometimes somber P!O!P! tunes that harken back to the 80s college rock scene, and John Suchocki, lead guitarist, highlights each song with his never ending supply of catchy surf-jazz riffs, Longtime drummer John Morand and newest member and bassist Michael Click combine for a sturdy rhythm section that deftly propels the band forward. There are hints of REM, the Feelies, the Bats, the Smiths and an undercurrent of Factory Records.

The Sandman
"The Sandman" is Track #3 from The Silent Boys "Beauty Tips" CD, released in 2004.

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Neil Young
"Neil Young" is track #7 on The Silent Boys BEAUTY TIPS cd, released in 2004.

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Christmas Day is Here
Christmas has always been special in my family. I wrote this Christmas song for them. It is track # 11 on our 'Wishing Well Eyes' CD.

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This is the final track to "Roadside Flowers" that was issued October 2015. Visit to hear the rest of the tunes. Help us keep the spirit of C86 alive!

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The Silent Boys continue on their mission to keep the spirit of P!O!P! alive with Roadside Flowers, which debuted in October 2015.
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