After nearly 8 years playing with the often critically loved but criminally ignored indie-rock band The Flashing Astonishers, Gregg Yeti has returned to his D.I.Y. roots with two self released and completely homemade ep's. 2004 saw the three song ""A 32 Branched Candelabra Of Evil"" and in early 2005 he put out ""The Ender's Mind"" which features five tracks of some of his very first songs he wrote after leaving The Flashing Astonishers. He records at home, makes the packaging at home, dupes them all at home, and then hands them out for free to basically anyone he runs into, which is now numbering into the thousands.

The sounds he are exploring are somewhat sparse indie-pop with hints and tinges of spacey shoegaze. He isn't trying to fall into any one category of style. ""If you listen to classic artists like Led Zeppelin or Pavement, their songs were all over the map, yet retained a sound that was instantly identifiable. I like too many different genres, and have too many ideas, to just fall into one hole like so many bands do,"" he says from his Syracuse apartment. The result sees influence from 90's staples like Guided By Voices and Pavement, shoegazers like Cocteau Twins & Slowdive, folky un-country music by Rod Stewart & Faces and Neil Young, and post punk stars like Bob Mould & Lou Barlow.

His little record label Koala Syndicate put out several compilations over the years besides the early Flashing Astonishers output, and also has given us several zines over the years. This is mostly a thing of the past though, as Gregg is focusing on making music. For a reference on Gregg's varied past, check out 2002's great ""On Involuntary Bliss"" by The Flashing Astonishers on San Francisco's Substandard/New Red Archives Records and dig through zine libraries for copies of The Flashing Astonisher, Black Clove Tradesman, & Torpedo zines. There's an extensive historical interview at that is worth checking out also.

-----2 eps are available - 2004's ""A 32 Branched Candelabra Of Evil"" and 2005's ""The Ender's Mind"" - send me a message if you want one - there's also some more mp3's at -----

Ex bands: The Flashing Astonishers, The Mildreds, fuctifIno, Ghost Monkeys, Monkey Knife Fight, The Circle Stars, King Shit & The Golden Boys, et cetera -----

Used to publish zines - 1992-2002: The Flashing Astonisher, Torpedo Magazine, The Black Clove Tradesman, Jellybean Zine -----

Takes pictures, does some painting, writes a bit for other zines & more mainstream periodicals of various sizes. Drinks beer. Records some stuff at home ----- that's all I got for ya baby.

Laughter Be Your Slave
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My Narcoleptic Sara
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