Gerry E. Lilley aka Ganksta G was born in Tampa, FL. In 2012 he begin his music career in Tampa FL, His first single titled ""Our Time Is Coming"" made accomplishments by being a song that was chosen by Pandora and added to there collection and is still apart of that collection to this day. The catchy hip-hop and rap sound was influenced by his background and love for his culture.
Ganksta G is currently pushing other music along with his single “Give Me Time” and working on his solo album, which is set to released 2016. He is open for showcases, performing, and as well as features.

Thoughts Of Bein Single

Hip Hop/Rap
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Give Me Time
'This stylishly unconventional rap jam from Ganksta G layers clever lyrics and seething refrains into an expertly produced hip-hop weapon.'

Hip Hop/Rap
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