Paying true homage to their 80s post-punk roots, dark rockers Jupiter Crash deliver their odes to darkness, passion, beauty & truth in a powerful epic fashion reminiscent of an early Cult. Borrowing from the Brit-pop era, but not entrapped by it, this group of seasoned musicians delivers nostalgic rock-and-roll with more than enough revolutionary flair to keep things interesting. Since 'crashing' into the Northwest music scene with their 2005 debut EP, "Fell From the Hotel," and its addictive single "Metro," Jupiter Crash has been turning heads, bending ears and blowing minds with slew of shows in and around their native Seattle, as well as airplay on a variety of FM and internet radio stations. Encouraged by the buzz, the band wasted no time in recording their first full-length CD "The Skin Before the Art" at Seattle's legendary London Bridge Studios in 2006. A touch more punk-rock and less brit-pop than its predecessor, "The Skin Before the Art" is evidence of the band's versatility and staying-power in a fickle and ever-changing musical climate.

With the release of "The Skin Before the Art" and the addition of the amazing guitar talent of Lee Tillman, 2007 marks the beginning of a New Era for Jupiter Crash, as we embark on the history of things to come.

Join us for the revolution...this time it's about you!

Dark Surprise

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The Beginning of the End

Desert Rock
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"Jupiter Crash is one of (Seattle)'s tightest bands, heralding the re-appearance of the kind of epic dark rock that has elements of Killing Joke, Lords of the New Church, and early Cult, sounding like an amalgam of them all with a forward-driving bold sound. Quickly following on the heels of their excellent EP 'Fell From the Hotel,' is their new album on the local label SINister Records, 'The Skin Before the Art,' featuring many dark surprises and further honing their sound and craft." --DJ Coldheart,
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Jupiter Crash