I was born in Jerusalem on September 4th, 1985. I have a B.A and MsC in material science and physics, and M.A in material science.

At the age of 5 I took my first piano lesson and NEVER stopped playing since then! By the age of 10 I composed my 1st original song, inspired by MTV. At that age I also joined a professional dance group and performed around the world, but quit after 5 years in order to focus on music.

I started singing at a young age. 10th grade was the first time I sang in front of hundreds of people, since then I sang as a leading Tenor in many classical concerts.

After high school, during army service in field intelligence I started a band named HIGHER (due to my height (6”5) with a female singer. We wrote many original songs and recorded a whole album in a melodic rock style.

In order to get exposure we recorded covers. Our Toto’s "Africa" cover gained 30,000 YouTube views, and was played in major radio stations in Israel and few in USA. 2 of my original songs were placed in “Choices”, a short film that won the best short film in ‘Cannes film festival’.

After my partnership with the female singer came to an end, I named myself ‘Amir Higher’, and wrote new original pop songs, based on my real love for the pop genre.

After, I signed a record deal with an american label that went through a financial meltdown and had to breach my contract.

In the last 2 years I wrote about 20 original pop songs, mostly up-beat. I produced with my cousin EVS. I believe that soon the whole world will know about my music.

I Am Ready

Pop Dance
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