With a grind that outshines most artists, Bad News, VA rap lyricist, Pop-A-Lot, has become a rising star over the course of the last eighteen months due to his mixtape hustle, hot lyrics, and undeniable flow.
Consciously making a name for his city's hip-hop reputation, Pop-A-Lot's sound is uniquely attributed to his experiences from his childhood. Pop-A-Lot, whose real name is Robert Hamilton, was born in Brooklyn, NY in February 1983. After a problem with him skipping school was discovered, Pop-A-Lot was sent to live with his father in Dade County, FL. After graduation he settled in Bad News, VA. He began to write at age eight about his trials and tribulations during his traveling experiences after seeing an older cousin do so.
Influenced by artists such as Nas, E-40, and Scarface, Pop-A-Lot was able to start using his tales to create lyrics. By age twelve, he had already won several talent shows, and started a group 'Pos and Neg' with Torae.
After touching down in VA, Pop-A-Lot laid down the foundation to begin a hip-hop career. He kept busy recording at a local studio "The Lab" in Newport News, VA. Pop-A-Lot then formed 'The Click Clack Commission' with his cousin Dayo, and brother Strike-Uno. Their work soon caught the attention of Diamond Back Entertainment. With the release of "World Series Vol. 1", the group gained state-wide notoriety, and by the release of "World Series Vol. 2", they had been co-signed by Fat Joe, Styles P, and Remy Ma. After the last release, Pop-A-Lot began his solo endeavors.
His first solo mixtape, "Go Ham or Go Home" dropped in 2009. During that year, major websites and blogs including: TrapsnTrunks.com, DaJaz1.com, and Xclusivezone.net, featured the mixtape and other tracks from the young rapper; projecting him as the leading voice of Virginia hip-hop. As a staple on VA Mixshow, and online radio, Pop-A-Lot was definitely living up to that prediction, going on to flood the streets with tens of thousands of mixtapes, and not to mention countless collaborations with TeamGwop partner Grandson.

ATM Shawdii

Hip Hop/Rap
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