our Debut Album is called REDEMPTION

John DeAngelo – Bass

James Hickman – Drums

Bob Sharp – Guitar

John Taverner – Guitar

Bob Headley – Vocals

RACING FATE is a metal band from South Jersey -USA

we have been a 5 piece band for a year

Have played out several times now in the Phila, Pa and New Jersey Areas including Atlantic City


Hard Rock
h h

Hate You

Acoustic Ballad
h h

Crippled Visions

Alternative metal
h h

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Cape May New Jersey USA http://indiemusicpeople.com/Uploads/Racing_Fate_-_fate.jpg
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Upcoming Shows

November 4 – Kaigan Fest – The Boneyard - Atlantic City - A lot of band

Kaigan Fest is a benefit show for the support of Children Kidney Treatment and Research

December 10 – The Tusk – Philadelphia, Pa – w/ Ketosis, Negative Sky & Modern Titan

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Racing Fate