Nick Antony Israel, also known as Steady Tek-Nick (alias Ti Granmoun Lan) is not new to music! By being born in Haiti, the young Hip-Hop prodigy was automatically exposed to music in general—especially live band music. As a kid, he developed a great affinity for melodies and the
different arrangement of sounds which prompted him to delve more into this intriguing art form. However, in the 1990s as Hip Hop was taking over the most influential music genre, Steady Tek-Nick slowly got pulled into this maelstrom of Rap and its revolutionary platform. It gave the artist freedom of expression which is exactly what Steady was seeking as a way to exhale all these steams of passion and anger that fueled him. Ever since, he has been a rebellious artist who is willing to challenge even himself in order to contribute to society on a developmental level. Although Hip Hop had stamped his presence in the music world firmly, it was not yet truly accepted as an art form in Haiti in the late 1990s and early 2000s—mainly not in Kreyol, the native language. Therefore,
Nick knew that the only way he can truly make an effect is to challenge himself by not competing in the Haitian market and going to the center of rap —which is New York City—to excel in order to solidify his roots with the intent of revolutionizing the entire musical movement in Haiti. For such process of creating and implementing that movement to bare fruits, his writing skills which he extensively honed through massive reading and analyzing his environment, will be crucial. As a result, Steady Tek-Nick relocated from Haiti to New York City in the 2008 where he dedicated himself to studying audio engineering as well as contributing to the culture. Henceforth, after obtaining a degree in music production and sound engineering, Steady has dedicated himself to helping in the development of other artists, especially the youth. Currently,Tek-Nick is a Hip-Hop recording artist and music engineer who owns and operate his own studio, That's That Volume, after freelancing at
various musical facilities.In the final analysis, there is no way for Steady Tek-Nick not to succeed as he has
already marked his path into the universe, and he has established well defined goals for himself as an
individual as well as a contributor to society. His debut Hip Hop project is set to release in the Late December 2015, Gawd On Fleek, followed by his EP in 2016's second quarter. Let’s support him during his journey of artistic expression and empowerment.

Full Push

Alternative Hip Hop
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