Dbaby The Beast is an up-and-coming producer who was born in Athens, Greece. As a young child Dbaby's parents were busy with international ""business"" which resulted in him being dropped on his head a lot, which he accredits his unique way of thought to. His father had a day job as a musical teacher, so Dbaby has been around music his whole life, as well as being able to play a variety of wood wind instruments (However the most important thing his dad taught him was how to work with a man's wood). Dbaby and his family lived internationally all over the world until he was a sophomore. Dbaby most fondly remembers living in Madagascar, where his best (and only) friend was a lemur. Dbaby has only within the past few years gotten serious about producing, and has shown an incredible amount of talent and potential. Dbaby has a twin brother named Sticky Dan who is an aspiring actor. Dbaby takes influence in his personality and music from a number of artists, namely Riff Raff, Owl City, Lil Dicky and Sound Remedy. Throw those in a pot, and add some of Dbaby's uniqueness, and you have the music of Dbaby the Beast. Dbaby has only ever been with one girl at a time, but he aspires for his first threesome to be with Victoria Secret models. Dbaby is a community college basketball player with a 60 inch vert.

Marshmello - Alone (DBaby The Beast Remix)

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DBaby The Beast