Born in Mayfield, Ohio one fateful night in October of 1980, the always fresh 2 Gunnz came out of the womb rapping. Making a name for himself in the underground rap circuit at the tender age of 1, 2 Gunnz continues to make strides in the rap scene to this day. He teamed up with his alter ego Carl Ca$h in 2012 and that's when the success started pouring in, along with the money and the women. Not one to be distracted, he ignored the money, the women, and the drugs to become the biggest name in hip-hop.

2 Gunnz defied convention and in 2015 released not just a full-length album, but also 2 mixtapes. You can find all of his releases on iTunes, Spotify, and all of the fine online music retailers. Plus, if you send him a message he just might send you a free signed CD.

Currently residing in Cudell, a neighborhood in Cleveland, Ohio, 2 Gunnz continues his takeover of the rap industry. Beyond the music industry, he stays committed to his many humanitarian efforts.

2 Gunnz isn't a superstar. He will always stay close to his roots, and that's apparent in his modest lifestyle. Purchasing all of his jewelry and counterfeit watches on AliExpress, 2 Gunnz expresses his amazing style in a manner that is not only classy as fuck, but also easy on the pocketbook.

In 2015 2 Gunnz created Bongsmokers International, a for-profit organization that not only releases all of his music to the fine online retailers, but also strives for legalization of marijuana. A staunch supporter of Issue 3, 2 Gunnz quipped "I'm a monopoly in the rap game, and no one is complaining, why not let a monopoly own the weed game in Ohio?" Along with Bongsmokers International, 2 Gunnz started the booking and management company TimesPace Entertainment, booking artists such as TIGER VESSELS.

Coming Home

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