Kris Woodbird is a spritual indiefolk poet, singer, lyricist, writer, and musician living in the south of north Europe. Kris Woodbird is not for the masses, he is for the outcast, the dreamers, the stray and the wild, the light and dark of the forest and soil, the concrete of the city, and the wan light of the traveling owls whispering soul, and the voice of the lovers and the dumped. Kris wood bird is You. And his latest album is Monsters of heart. Stay with him. He will stay with you.

Kris Woodbird is Krister Svensson. Born in the south of Sweden on a quagmire outside Genarp. He played and was a part of the punk, new wave and art music scene in Lund before moving to Stockholm playing drums in small indie bands that released records on the major labels.

Early milenium he focused on vocals and writing and with Magnus Karnock as a partner, he formed the indie electronic band Wan Light. They made 2 albums 2 eps and one single released on the label Labrador records just to make their latest record on their own label in 2013. Kris also is a part of the art project Krister & Alm and released one ep with the Paris located deephouseartist Bowyer Hawks in spring 2016 on Beat rude records Uk.
Kris released the single alien & river on wood&birdrec in september 2016 and that was the beginning of the journey for Kris Woodbird.
The album and single Monsters of heart is one voice from the forrest painting the dreams and life of the poem and the sound close and married to the soil of words.
The album and single monsters of heart is recorded in Kris apartment by producer Håkan Folkesson from Ambitus Production. The single will be released late dec 2016, the album januari 2017
It will be followed by a ep spring 2017.
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Monsters Of Heart

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Kris Woodbird