Three guys from a small town in Tennessee that record their music completely in the nude. Songwriters from birth this trio of semi-musician types takes their art a seriously as they take out the trash. The music they create is something short of amazing considering how little time they invest in their artistic growth. A Saturday night hobby that went too far is the best way to describe 105 Tangents sound. If you are looking for something completely raw, recorded in the nude and at the same time very engaging you have come to the right place.

Bill Is With Us
Speaking to the dead is a full time job.

Alternative Retro and Psychedelic
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A song inspired by the movie "Blue Velvet"

Americana Roots Rock
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Athens TN United States
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Hey there super 105 Tangents fans, where have you been? More to the point where have we been? Well sit right back and I'll tell you a tale full of adventure, crashes, splits, reunions and so forth and so on.
The most recent release, Dev/Null, has been a labor of… well just a labor. The band went into the studio shortly after the release of “Songwriters Anonymous” full of a new spirit and lots of great ideas. They recorded all the demos and had started on the master tracks when all of the sudden fate stepped in and dealt them the first of many blows – the main hard drive crashed and took with it all of their hard work. Undaunted they began again only to be set back again with more computer problems. Some of the wind had gone out of their sails and the future was looking bleak. When they began again it was with a different spirit, one of “get it done as quickly before people forget about us” – not a good way to create and as stressful as the creative process can be this only made things worse. Small problems became much bigger in this light and tensions began to manifest themselves in many ways, mostly with yelling and storming out. They continued on though, the need to share the creation with you was overwhelming and in spite of the personality conflicts they had to keep going. As the end of recording drew near the conflicts became too much and Chase walked out, leaving two songs yet to be recorded. Joe and Tony stepped up and finished the songs but the spirit of mutual esteem had been crushed forever… or at least severely damaged. Chase continued to come in after the rest of the band had left to mix and master what had been recorded. Finally all the tracks were ready to burn, artwork was created and printed, CD cases were loaded and off “Dev/Null” went to the distributors. During a band meeting after the release the band decided to jam together, just for fun and fun it was. The chemistry between the members of 105 Tangents is hard to ignore when you are in the room with them. By the end of the jam session wounds were already beginning to heal (music has a tendency to do that) and a follow-up session was scheduled. That was a month ago and the band has been in the studio every weekend since then writing new songs and getting ready for the next CD.
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