To provide some context, Lucy is a lyricist from Canberra, Australia. She wrote or co-write most of the songs on the album. Racquel is a vocalist from California who performs said duty throughout the whole album. Finally, ‘Me’ is the composer, who resides in France.

From the feel good song Hello Sunday, which should give you an indelible smile by restart the story where the Mamas and the Papas left it, going through the blues of One Day, the all acoustic softness of Shattered's guitars, The melancholy of All true or the delicate bossa nova mood of Silence for beginners, all the eclecticism of the White Album of the Fab Fours in sight, for a rare rendez vous with a assumed and shimmering pop / folk .

Coffee queen
A pleasant kind of surprise; this is a fantastic song – the bass line and the overall vibe created by the go-lucky rhythm and the melody, plus the light hearted and happy set of lyrics, it all works really well. It’s thoughtfully placed as the penultimate track of the album. It has that sort of simple bounce to it, that catchy hook, that mass appeal, which means you’ll remember this one a fair while after listening.

Folk Rock
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One day
The seductively vintage sound of a mellow electric guitar solo opens up the track, followed by a massively classic and beautifully powerful vocal performance. The lyrics seem, even more so now, to be delving deeper and deeper into experience and memory, feelings and dreams, as opposed to songs for the sake of songs. This song is pretty incredible actually, it has the jazz element down, with a slight flicker of At Last to the melody and the style, but it also brings the song writing right up ther

Blues Ballad
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Hello Sunday
The opening track Hello Sunday is a great introduction to the overall sound of Lucy, Racquel and Me. There’s a generally uplifting nature to the song writing and the music. It’s a little reminiscent of some of the classic, pop-folk songs from The Corrs, a sound you don’t really hear anymore. The band present their songs by means of a beautiful unity of sounds; stunning vocal performances, harmonies, riffs and rhythms – the whole thing makes for a fairly big but peaceful sound; a joyful sound, fu

Soft Rock
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