Dweller on the Hill sprouted from Seattle’s underground music scene on Capitol Hill in 2013. Seattle guitarist and songwriter, Evan Gackstatter created Dweller on the Hill as a vessel to explore a more raw, simple and honest style of song and statement. The statement is that of social harmony, togetherness, opposing oppression and exposing the savagery used to divide and bewilder our global community at every turn. The sound is drawn from Gackstatter’s most cherished influences like Jeff Buckley, Elliott Smith, Beck, St. Vincent, TV on the Radio, Cat Power and local guitar greats like Kim Thayil, Andy Coe, Danny Godinez, Jimmy James and many more. In 2015 Dweller on the Hill released two singles, “Circling the Drain” about the passing of Gackstatter’s grandfather the previous year and “Failed Oppressor” a premonition of what may have been in store (and actually was) the following year. The title track, “Yokva” (Hopi for rain or storm), was inspired by Gackstatter's travels to Chaco Canyon in the New Mexican desert. Overall, the Yokva EP speaks to the hell that the West has brought to indigenous cultures across the world and how that very hell awaits the West itself.

Domestic Grove
I wrote this song on 07/04/2016. It was cloudy, it was cold and I had been walking around Seattle by myself trying to feel connected. Wasn't happening. So I returned home to my guitars and note pad and found the connection I'd been searching for.

Alternative Modern Rock
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This is the title track of the Yokva EP. Heavy sludgy chunky guitar on the verse and the chorus opens up w/ more arpeggiation. Screaming falsetto w/ a supportive octave beneath for vocals. Hope that sounds good to you.

Alternative Rock
h h

SOV (soldiers of virtue)
Inspired by Beck's Mellow Gold and Jeff Buckley's Grace, this is the more upbeat "heavy hitter" from the Yokva EP. Gritty acoustic slide, chimey tele riffs, heavy back beat w/ a catchy melody and back up harmonies.

Alternative Rock
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Desolate Afternoon
Need to wander alone for a while? This is your track.

Alternative Rock
h h

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Dweller on the Hill returns to the studio in mid June to begin a follow up EP to their debut, Yokva.
Shows in the PNW to be announced soon.
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