Born in Furstenfeldbruck AB, Germany, and raised in such diverse lands and cultures as Italy, Japan, California, New York, New Mexico, Missouri, etc., as an Air Force dependent, resulted in a dazzling kaleidoscope of astounding musical creativity. 

Self-compelled to tragically skip classes throughout High School, Military Academies and Colleges in favor of practicing songwriting on any available keyboard instrument, Marvin D is a truly possessed consummate artist. 

Experience and awards include International Lyric writing award, numerous local radio and television appearances, solo performances, keyboardist for diverse Blues, Reggae and R&B bands, state songwriting and performing competitions and writing for theatre such as William Saroyan's play TIME OF YOUR LIFE. 

Marvin D - now an electronically reborn one man eclectic singer/ songwriter/ performer who truly has something often of genuis, for everyone! 

Spirit of America

Easy Listening
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Marvin D