Bumble Tub Club is the seed of a growing fruit of a music community. Founded in the heart of Colorado the Clubs nucleus is Chase Haggard (on guitar and vocals)Dylan Carpenter (on guitar and vocals), and Alex Schlough (on keyboards and vocals). Founded with the Intention of expressing what cannot be directly spoken about only experienced Bumble Tub Club uses vocals to point the direction and instrumentals to walk the path to the door of sharing an experience. Roots grabbing deep into the heart of story-telling through Folk, Classical, Rock, Traditional-cultural, and Jam music styles. This music project aims to allow Life to be expressed through ever changing and evolving instrumentals and lyrics speaking the nuggets of Truth we are handed in each experience when we listen and look.

Bumble Tub Club has an ever changing roster of musicians joining them in creating music. Below you will find the always growing list of Club Members as we make more music and expand the Club!!

Bumble Tub Club Founding Members:

Chase Haggard
Dylan Carpenter
Alex Schlough

White Dress
A "summer-time ballad" of breaking of old patterns and the drama cutting those tie's contain. Stripped down lyrics and extensive instrumentals.

Instrumental Modern Rock
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Bumble Tub Clubs first release has been shared on July 15th! Check out the first released single; a ""summer-time adventure"" of breaking old patterns and moving into new beginnings. Filled with stripped down lyrics and dynamic instrumentals it is a good ""pop-ish"" introduction to Bumble Tub Club!
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