I am a composer. For many years, I composed a classical-Modern music. Within the last two years, I turned to my love to Jazz and “popular” music. Since I do not play instruments, I need to notate it, and call for performers to a professional recording studio where they meet my virtual instrument orchestration and record one session (net 2 hours). All of my new songs are uploaded to my YouTube channel where I am looking for my fans - those who like my music. Actually, after years of having my music live on stages and radio station (The way I was also awarded), the Internet became my stage. I keep composing as long as I have music in my head and able to do it. Traces of my modern-classical music are found in my Jazz-popular music.
My goal is to complete eight to ten compositions and produce an album.

In The Park
New Song for the Lyrics of Rafi Weichert, IN THE PARK - for Singer Piano and Flute. Music - Yishai Knoll; Lyrics - Rafi Weichert; Vocal - Anna Spitz; Piano - Adi Rennert; Flute - Udi Wahrsager Recorded in Mitzlol Studios; Recording and Rough Mixing - Johnathan Barak, Video - Ziv Shor, Clip Editing - Varda Knoll-Yahalom

Vocal Jazz
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