I mostly upload any new music on The Geebees page now but I keep this page open for songs that do not fit that format. Also I run my Stations from here. I don't get much traffic which is a shame as I think the songs here are quite good... but that's for you, the listener to find out :)

"My Wife Don't Understand Me"
A simple brush beat backing and a dominant melodic lead vocal (and an alternative deeper vox for man speak) Intended to be amusing

Adult Alternative
h h

Miss Intimidating!
A Bossa No-No

Bossa Nova
h h

Stay where I can see you
Minor Blues/Jazz ballad with dominant lead vox with improvised backing vocals

Blues Jazz
h h

What Am I Doing ?
Med paced Pop Ballad with twin vox

Female vocal
h h

Station Funk Blues
A mean message with a generic Funk Blues backing (by someone else)

h h

"Oh No Yoko" (misunderstood or not very good?)
A pseudo Oriental backing and a lot of mean lyrics and impersonations of the lady in question

Stylised Oriental
h h

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