Mystic Posse, The Band



Eclectic Rock

Band Members

Michael O'Brien, Jackie O'Brien, Aaron Bullock, Jeff Hemming and Mike Garcia


Los Angeles

Record Label

Toi Records, Hollywood, CA

Artists We Also Like

everything with integrity, beauty and balls.


Rock n Roll, Blues, Americana, Metal & Punk

Band Interests

Compassion, Harmony, Human Revolution.

Baby Me Baby
Released on Valentine's Day in front of the upcoming album titled "Where Or When" Baby Me Baby was written by TJackie and Michael O'Brien

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The band known as Mystic Posse is set to release “Where or When” February 24th2018

HOLLYWOOD CA: “I wanted to record an album that would express my roots in rock, metal and punk.” explains front man Michael O’Brien about the overall outcome of their upcoming album release. “It exceeded my expectations; musically it was like busting out of musical jail!”

The band’s upcoming album is a follow up to their critically acclaimed debut release which has been played in over 100 countries across Europe and the USA. Co-produced by Matt Pakucko (Rage against the Machine, Def Leppard) “Where or When” consists of 10 songs influenced by rock, metal and blues. The album was recorded in Los Angeles at Pakucko's own Romper Room Studios. The studio atmosphere created a positive vibe for the 5-piece band whose members also include guitarist Aaron Bullock, bassist Jeff Hemming and drummer Mike Garcia. “Going into the studio is like entering another universe for me"" explains vocalist Jackie O’Brien, “I love it. Everybody’s so focused. Matt Pakucko & Michael were amazing producers The songs evolved and we all surprised ourselves.”

The upcoming album also features Paul Trudeau on Keyboards (Billy Idol). ""Loved every minute, explains Michael O'Brien regarding Trudeau's contribution. ""It was like working with a Rock n Roll Beethoven.""

Michael O'Brien is known for forming the band Killer Kane with Blackie Lawless of WASP and Arthur Kane of The New York Dolls. He has also performed with John Entwistle of The Who and the alt rock band Nuclear Health. Michael, along with his wife, vocalist and actress Jackie O’Brien are the owners of the legendary Thai restaurant Toi on Sunset, where producer Quentin Tarantino wrote the screenplay for the movie “Pulp Fiction” and is also known for its late night hours and rock star atmosphere.

Jackie O’Brien, who was signed with WEA France, fronted the critically acclaimed rock band Jackie-O, and is also known as an actress who began her career in “Pretty Woman,” and “Anchorman, The Legend of Ron Burgundy” and is currently in the cast of “Grief” and upcoming feature “Rusty Tulloch”. They are the parents of interior designer and former actress Mariah O’Brien who is featured on the cover of Alice in Chains’ album “Dirt” and the Spinal Tap cover “Bitch School.""

The band will be performing on the day of their release at the legendary Toi on Sunset the evening of the album release.

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Mystic Posse