Fusion of pop, hiphop, soul, rock (industrial, funk and blues), jazz and electronica/trip-hop/trap/ambient beats.

Experimental one- man band artist. Performs either solo using computer or phone apps or with band members and sessionists. Plays piano, keyboards, melodica, flute, recorder, ocarina, sanshin, taishogoto, beatbox, jembe and devil chimes.

Busker/street performer, theater actor and indie events organizer of Mga Indie Buskeros ng Maynila (facebook.com/buskeros).

Regular Members :
Jessie Mendoza - vocalist / songwriter/ instrumentalist / arranger
Antz Aguro - back up vocals / guitarist
Paul Zialcita - multi-percussions / sound director
Dexter Iglesia - bass player / sound tech

Live Band Sessionists include/has included :

- Aljon Aviles
- Stephen Dayandayan
- John Atento, Blister Band
- LJ Navera
- Rolly Bathala
- Leonard Cueto, Dean Rey
- Erick Pani, Amelia
- Donnell Vee, Swing Agenda)
- Taz Paras, The Soledads
- Vladimir Mogara
- Omni Saroca, Tropical Depression and Hale
- Jeremiah Carranto
- Michi Uy
- Dave Orbeta, Just Like Us

More information/songs on facebook.com/atsharamusic, soundcloud.com/atshara and atshara.bandcamp.com


Symphonic Electronica
h h


Funk Rock
h h

Gnos Gnimmum

Alternative Electronic
h h

Bullets [feat Andreia Guerrero on vocals]

h h


Dance Pop
h h

Isle Of You

Electro Folk
h h

Verne's Sonnet

h h

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Recent Performances

The Grand Venice Canal Mall (busk)
UP Town Center (Lokalakalan trade event)
Cafe de Curieux (solo show)
Cafe de Curieux (Sanctum featured artist)
Harbor Square (Earth Day 2018)
Arrosceros Forest Park (Earth Day 2018)
Rizal Park Auditorium (NCCA Fashion Show)
University of Makati (Arts Month)
Desperado Revue
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