"Burn down the churches, rewrite all their glitches, we are the faces that make all their itches" spews Sinnergod in their title track song "The Revolution". Conceived by XeS and ema vonstrange in the summer of 2001, Sinnergod are the UK`s next middle finger to the system taking no prisoners along the way.The band have built up quite a following over the last few years experiencing phenomenal feedback from released tracks to sellout shows around the northwest of england gaining press interest. (The Southport Guardian said) "It was a night that will stick in the memory - for all the right reasons.Shock goth band Sinnergod swept into Southport last friday and took absolutly no prinsoners at the Fubar.This outfit know how to rock.They are loud, brash, aggressive, in your face, but also very theatrical and very entertaining" says the Southport Guardian after a sellout show at the Fubar in 2005. Later that year the band finished work on their debut album "The Revolution" which they are hoping to release sometime in 2007.Consisting of 16 songs with tracks such as "Forsaken", From the rocks fell a stone" and the war hungary yet contreversial "The revoltuion" the tracks have had alot of airplay so far all over the UK and America at local rock venues with outstanding responses. Early 2006 saw the band part company with 3 of their long time members which led to various lineup changes over the year.Now as they enter 2007 with what they would call their best line-up yet Sinnergod are yet again ready for business


XeS - Vox / Guitar
Vonstrange - Bass / Backing Vox
Kriss - Drum & Percussion
Thirteen - Guitar
JinX - Midi master & samples

Electronic, melodic, metal

Hard Rock
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Sinnergod are set to play the legendary Bloodstock Festival this year.The band will be appearing on the unsigned band stage on the 18th August 2007.Other bands playing the main stage this year include In Flames, Arch Enemy, Lacuna Coil etc

For ticket info please visit the link below.

Letters to the Dead
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