Hi, Jillianne Wright here, long time IMP member, artist, collaborator, Station mistress and Pipeliner under various names over the years.

I've decided that I'll set myself a challenge to write a new song every week during 2019. I mislaid my keyboard leads for quite a while but today I found them under a bed so I'm all fired up to create some new short songs in as many genres as I can.

The songs will be quite simple I'm sure but hopefully they will be interesting, catchy and original.

If anyone else wants to join the challenge then I'll be making a Station to upload all the songs each week.

I am pretty well renowned for giving up on the ideas I start so I hope I can stick to this New Year's Resolution :)

Reduced Circumstances (s.a.w. # 2)
This one has a slight Zydeco feel with Folk style instruments over a med paced guitar rock backing. The softer intro bursts out at around 25 secs. There are mostly layered vocals and an interesting change of chords in bridge and outro sections.

Southern Alternative
h h

Weak Knees [s a w # 1]
Choir intro leading to Rock beat and synth orchestral melodies followed by sung ballad to end

h h

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Jilly's Song a Week Challenge

1/13/2019 5:32:25 AM
So glad you appreciated Gavin's music, sadly he stopped producing these lovely ballads a while back and got into instrumental synths, but he's just bought a new upright piano so let's hope he comes back.

I have facebook accounts but rarely use that place.

J.D. Gravis

1/11/2019 2:09:20 AM
are you on Facebook, by any chance?

J.D. Gravis

1/11/2019 2:08:24 AM
I'm looking foward to it! I Have a little more time than I used to...so my songwriter's
hat is on...

Jill, I have to say that I was just blown away by "Great Central" "Silver Mountains", everything about that song was mesmerizing! A unique and beautiful composition, wish I could write something like that!

Jilly's Song a Week Challenge

1/10/2019 12:14:54 AM
You're a very good fan Dave... and next week's is almost ready, thank you - can I tempt you to join The Challenge? Jilly

J.D. Gravis

1/9/2019 7:24:16 PM
"Weak Knees"; very beautiful, magical I love the harmonies !
I'm Looking forward to the next! Happy wishes for the new year!



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